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Wrigglework Decoration on Old English Pewter Tankards

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This section is part of a project to look at this decoration on as many pieces as could be easily found. Sources included the Pewter Society Library , books on old pewter, auction catalogues, old exhibitions, photos from old collections, and such volunteers as would send their photos. Naturally there was some duplication - as what was in auction in the 1970s is likely to be in someone’s collection today. So, this is a list extracted from the research of tankards photos found with an attempt to place them in sections relating to the decorative theme.

There are no conclusions herein – that research is ongoing. The hope was to find out if styles of wrigglework could be recognised much as handwriting can be. The index below might be a little confusing the section on Sadware is page numbered for the original document - and the PDF is also numbered as appears at the top of your screen. A suggestion is that you choose and follow one option.

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