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Copyright Issues & The Policy of this Web Site
Every effort was made to contact any copyright owners and I should be glad if any that I have been unable to contact would get in touch with me if they feel it necessary. Use herein is considered as within the principle of UK Permitted Uses and also world wide concepts of Fair Use. The purpose of this web site is solely to lead those interested in Antique Pewter to the sources of the short excerpts quoted and to encourage their use of such works of reference in their research and private study into, and development of, that interest.

It was borne out of one man’s frustration at it taking him so long to discover the information herein; and his gratitude to the very few who shared their knowledge with him; and his wish that very many others might enjoy a worthwhile interest and hobby relating to our heritage.

Note has been taken of – Permitted uses of copyright works

It is not normally needed to seek permission if one wishes to use less than a substantial part of a copyright protected work. Additionally there are a number of exceptions in the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended) which allow limited use of copyright works without the permission of the copyright owner. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and particular care should be taken if you intend to rely on an exception: Non-commercial research and private study ……………..Criticism, review and reporting current events………… Certain exceptions require one to give sufficient acknowledgement when making use of a copyright protected work.

Non-commercial research and private study…It is allowed to make single copies or take short extracts of works when the use is for research that you do not make any money from or for private study, for educational courses or even for use in connection with a hobby. Limited use or fair dealing is only permitted for non-commercial research and private study when using literary (written), dramatic (theatrical), musical, artistic work (art, photographs etc) or the layout of a publication (the font size, font style, and so on)……The purpose of this exception is to provide students and non-commercial researchers more access to copyright works. In assessing whether use of the work is permitted or not you must assess if there is any financial impact on the copyright owner because of this use. Where the impact is not significant, the use may be acceptable…… If the use is for non-commercial research and/or private study you must ensure that the work reproduced is supported by a sufficient acknowledgement.

Criticism, review and reporting current events….. Fair dealing for criticising or review and reporting current events is allowed for any type of copyright work (except a photograph) as long as it is with a sufficient acknowledgement……As stated, a photograph cannot be reproduced for the purpose of reporting current events. The intention of the law is to prevent newspapers or magazines reproducing photographs for reporting current events which have appeared in competitor’s publications.

The policy of this web site does not seek to use a substantial part of any copyright protected work without permission.

Sufficient acknowledgement is always given where sources are known or apparent.

This web site makes a single copy for the web site. The web site is for non-commercial research and study of a hobby. No money is made by this web site on the contrary it requires private donation to fund it. No work is used without permission where any financial impact on the copyright holders is apparent.

Current events may be reported by the publication on the web site of a single copy of any ongoing correspondence or recently published articles relating to the hobby. This web site is conceived as a collective work of reference. It is noted also that Any Computer Generated Work according to section 79 (2) does not carry the rights conferred by section 77 of the act.

Recent Article relating - Copyright laws criminalise millions

UK copyright laws are the worst in the world and needlessly criminalise millions of people, according to a new report. …Consumer Focus said countries around the world had adapted their copyright laws to keep up with advances in technology, but the UK had been left behind…. A "fair use" exception to copyright law was needed to allow copying activities that cause no economic harm to rights holders, the group said. A survey of 16 countries by Consumers International, a global umbrella group for consumer rights organisations, rated the UK's intellectual property laws as worse than emerging economies such as Thailand and Argentina…. The study looked at how each country's copyright law balanced the interests of rights holders with those of consumers….. Ed Mayo, the chief executive of Consumer Focus, said: "UK copyright law is the oldest but also the most out of date. It's time our copyright law caught up with the real world….. "The current system puts unrealistic limits on our listening and viewing habits and is rapidly losing credibility among consumers. A broad 'Fair Use' exception would bring us in line with consumer expectations, technology and the rest of the world."