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Using Araldite on Pewter

The subject of Araldite brought a lot of laughter to a recent Pewter Society talk..
..however it can be most useful albeit with a slight twist to the method. Whilst following the instructions on the packet also add as much fine pewter (either very fine filings or sieved oxide) as the mixture can possibly take.

In re-fixing a handle attachment this is then applied to the cleaned break, the surplus wiped off with kitchen paper or scraped off with the fine end of a pointed metal nail file and some pewter dust scattered to cover the sheen of the Araldite pewter mix at the site of the repair.

The elastic bands are put round to hold it together for 24 hours to set. After setting and removal of the bands then use the fine attachment shown with the Dremel which is a small steel brush to remove any surplus or dirty bits, clean up the join with finest wire wool or wet and dry and the repair is done and not apparent other than to a most experienced eye - which because of the presence of the pewter ‘dust’ is usually uncertain as to what has happened, if seen at all.

Is this a deception or simply an attempt to improve and save?, no different to electrolytic cleaning perhaps.

Photos show -


Araldite ‘kit’ – tubes araldite, 2 plastic applicators and a small metal nail file, glass dish top, glass jar of fine pewter oxide.


Scottish flat lid measure lower handle attachment is actually broken.


Close-up of broken attachment.


After electrolytic cleaning hand polishing and Araldite to reattach lower handle.


Handle of a copper measure detached from body at lower attachment.


Handle reattached on copper measure (used filings from plumbers copper pipe with the Araldite).


Bewdley Pint showing split at upper handle attachment.


Bewdley Pint showing split filled with Araldite pewter mix.


Bewdley Pint showing previously totally hidden touch of crowned X over ICC over Bewdley label revealing rounding serrations to label not apparent on PS database, revealed by use of ‘Dremel’.
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