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Old Base Metal Spoons by Norman Gask

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From the Connoisseur of May 1937

RECENT dispersal's of several famous collections call attention anew to the attraction, for many, of base-metal spoons. Some of these have pedigrees reaching back thousands of years B.c., as far indeed as civilization itself. One of the earliest specimens in my collection is of bronze, 6½ in. long, knoppecl with a delicately and beautifully wrought goat's foot (Ko. id). The stem is slender and rounded, the bowl extremely thin and leaf-shaped, strengthened on the back by a 'rat-tail,' an 'elbow' connecting bov,,! and stem. Two not dissimilar spoons of silver in the British Museum were discovered at Cyzicus, but in the Naples Museum there is a silver one of similar design which was dug up at Pompeii. Thus this pattern was apparently common to both Greece and Italy.

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