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Notes On Liberty, Art Nouveau & Tudric Pewterware

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Additional information for website readers appears to be difficult to find. There must be out there somewhere copies of the Liberty catalogues of the early 1900s showing their ranges. We read that there are copies in the V & A Museum and we do intend to ask them if we might publish copies of a catalogue or two by scanning in those pages that apply. Meanwhile for our website readers' interest we have come across courtesy of
the UK Pewter Society some remains of early catalogues and early articles. These are part of the notes of Peter R G Hornsby who also wrote Pewter of The Western World and did trade as dealer Robin Bellamy and with his wife Jennifer did collect Tudric Pewter. However these notes are not in good order or especially detailed but it was thought worthwhile to gather them together as they do give some idea of what went on in the early 1900s and some articles give clues as to the thoughts then and later.

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