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Collecting Spice Pots, Castors, Peppers and Sifters

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Sources used – Pewter of The Western World 1600 – 1850 by Peter R G Hornsby – permission of Carl Ricketts

In this ‘Collecting’ article this website does not set out to write the history or the detail of the subject. What  is attempted is to tempt you the reader into taking an interest in the subject – no more – by showing you
examples - giving just a little simple information. If your interest develops then the UK Pewter Society and the Pewter Collectors’ Club of America (PCCA) offer in-depth articles on many subjects in this year’s and
previous years’ publications. Therein also resides a wealth of collecting experience. This website is simply for encouragement that the reader might take interest and progress themselves further with it. Any prices
quoted mean only that they are one off ‘heard of ’ sales and may not reflect today’s value in any which way.

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