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Books For Sale

Printing your own books from these files - “Free of Author’s charges “
The books below are offered here as either PDF downloads for printing at home, or as professionally printed and bound books, please see details below for purchasing any of the books.

Considerations for printing at home.

If you intend to print double sided pages (as in the books) then for the same quality paper you need 150gsm but no less is recommended than 120gsm. Ordinary printer paper is 80gsm.

The reason you need better quality paper is that 80gsm absorbs the ink and will jam your printer sticking round the rollers. You need to have very special qualities to put up with that happening as often as it will.
You should allow for a new set of ink cartridges. (667 pages Wrigglework will use more ink than 221).

Unless you bind your own books you will be unable to present as though with a hard cover. Being able to ‘Perfect Bind’ is a talent that would be useful. The alternative is to staple in sets of 50 pages then use a plastic binder to hold each set together. – could be 13 sets with wrigglework.

Good luck!
If successful please do email with how you did it and what you saved! (and how long it took).

Some Pewter Personalities

Some Pewter Personalities £75 – total of 438 pages.
Download & Print at home


Wrigglework £100 - total of 667 pages including addendum.
Download & Print at home

York Pewter Acorn Flagons

York Pewter Acorn Flagons £75 - total of 221 pages.
Download & Print at home

Buy The Book

If you want to buy a professionally printed and bound version of any of the above books, then please contact me via email at 

Shipping charges are £5 to mainland UK and considerably more to AUS or USA (anywhere out of UK). Please supply the postal address with your email and you will be given a quote.
Payment should be paid by PayPal. If as for “friends and family” PayPal may not charge - if simply as your personal purchase then please add 5% to the total to pay. (4% of the total will be for PayPal - your quote will explain again.)