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About Pewterbank


This website does not invite queries – unless interesting enough to provide copy for an article on the website.

Those relating to British Pewter 1550-1850 or Liberty Art Nouveau 1900-1918 might be replied to.

This website NEVER provides valuations. This website does not BUY or SELL.

With any queries received the website considers such to permit it to publish the query and any photos sent concerning it – though the sender would not be identified.

Internet searches will find American, Dutch, German, Old Pewter Societies who might better answer questions concerning each nations own pewter.

The UK Pewter Society has a service answering British queries, it is always busy.

My e-mail address is - - My knowledge is limited, but where I do not know the answer I hope to direct those with determined queries to where answers can be found.

Some of the experiments and attempts at renovation have involved personal risk. I tell it as I found it. This is definitely not to encourage others to do as I did.

I would advise others to take good advice on matters of electricity, electrolysis, and any products or methods I have used.

I do not accept any responsibility for what you might attempt and urge you not to proceed without understanding, guidance or sound information from qualified people.

This web site has no financial connection whatsoever with any sites listed. Links are given because of the range and quality shown or for the reasons stated.

Any other web sites of similar quality will be linked here on request, in similar circumstances and if the link is reciprocated.