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Pewterbank Website Set To Close

These are the final 1300 page additions to this website. You will be freely able until closure to download and print out for yourself any articles you wish to keep.

Started in 2008 simply to improve the information readily available to novice collectors it has been entirely subsidised for 15 years by John Bank, alone.

Many others provided without charge much of the information seen on this site.

In 2022 and 2023 queries had completely diminished - other websites are available providing a lot of information including some of the articles here. Although website users have increased in middle 2023 most were not English speakers or at least not for their first language – most were very unlikely to be old pewter collectors. This website was being read weekly by more folk in India, Philippines, Singapore, China, Russia, Brazil, and whilst I have been pleased to be providing a website useful to readers in those countries it was always only targeted at old pewter collectors, specifically old British Pewter Collectors`, and freely.

Thus, age and budget considerations have come to the fore this year and the website will close at the end of the year or early next year.
I have no wish for anyone else to take it on, not that it is likely anyone would do so. The website holds as it closes approx. 20,000 pages of information.

It has become increasingly difficult with due regard to the ‘difficult’ British copyright laws to find new information (although there is a lot still out there) and this final update includes many articles already on the website which have made up the books assembled and published.

It has been and will end as a unique free resource to old pewter collectors.

At the end a one page announcement will appear for a year offering it at a price - to be determined - a USB containing the entire website for those who use it regularly and might miss it. It is expected and hoped - that not many at all will be sold. The price will be modest.

No one else has ever done anything like this. Over 15 years a lot have expressed gratitude for it, but as said the real interest it found from 2008 - has mostly gone.

Many thanks for your interest – I hope you continue to enjoy your old pewter.

UK Pewter Society

If you want more detail on Old British Pewterers' Makers' Marks then some collectors still think and might tell you that the H H Cotterell book of 1929 - "Old Pewter: Its Makers and Marks" - will provide this. Indeed, it alone did so for many years. However, whereas that had information on 9000 British Pewterers, the UK Pewter Society data base now has some detail of 20,000 Pewterers, including some family trees, relationships, apprenticeships, sometimes examples of individuals work. It includes over 9000 examples of Pewterer's MARKS and wares.
This database alone offers real detail on many more Pewterers and thus the marks you see on your pewter left by the maker begin to have much more meaning.

See -

This website has no approval from or direct relationship with the UK Pewter Society, although various articles were written by Pewter Society members and the Acting Librarian has provided encouragement and material used.