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Our site has now been providing information since 2008 with content now grown to over 13,000 pages of text and images to assist you
John Bank, enthusiast


This web site hopes to provide simple and introductory information to those who might be curious about the old pewter that they come across and to this extent the purpose of this web site is
To nurture nascent interest in British Antique Pewter, and to leave the reader a little hungry for more, but with good clues where to find it.....
Because of the international nature of this web-site we have decided to make all the articles easier for the world to be able to read, to this end we have converted them into Adobe PDF file format for easier viewing and printing.

It is likely with so much information on this website, that some information has been duplicated. If you think it has – then likely it has - apologies if you find your time wasted!

New Website Articles

Please note well - writers for this web site generally have no objection to people downloading their pictures for personal use or research and study. Pictures/photos should not be used in any other publication without copyright permission from the author - this website will provide contact details to genuine requests.

Please do allow time for each pdf to download - the more 'pages' quoted the longer it will take.

Recommendation - try this website and take the tour! this is not a comment on products and prices - readers should satisfy themselves as to value. We have bought from them.

NEWS - We have been fortunate to be given permission to publish on this site a PDF of what might be the very best old pewter collection catalogue ever - the Neish catalogue. This shows the collection of Alex Neish which is now at the Smith Museum and Art Gallery of Stirling Scotland. We do not know of any of these catalogues on sale (either new or second hand) it was a limited edition which sold out quickly. Our thanks to Mrs Patricia Neish.

NEWS - we have also been fortunate to be given permission to publish on the site various research by the late Jan Gadd and articles and papers previously unrecorded on this website from among those papers - our thanks to Professor Ian Gadd.

UK Pewter Society

If you want more detail on Old British Pewterers' Makers' Marks then some collectors still think and might tell you that the H H Cotterell book of 1929 - "Old Pewter: Its Makers and Marks" - will provide this. Indeed, it alone did so for many years. However, whereas that had information on 9000 British Pewterers, the UK Pewter Society data base now has some detail of 20,000 Pewterers, including some family trees, relationships, apprenticeships, sometimes examples of individuals work. It includes over 9000 examples of Pewterer's MARKS and wares.
This database alone offers real detail on many more Pewterers and thus the marks you see on your pewter left by the maker begin to have much more meaning.

See -

This website has no approval from or direct relationship with the UK Pewter Society, although various articles were written by Pewter Society members and the Acting Librarian has provided encouragement and material used.