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All 856 downloadable files in 19 folders (i.e. headings) are available on a USB for UK £35 plus postage. (shipping out of the UK will be quoted for) – within the UK please add £1.50 or for the USA please add £2 – in padded envelope.

Send an email giving your full address and any post code and I will send you a quote and details how to pay. Once paid you will be notified by email when posted from here. (John Bank at johnsbank@me.com).

I am not anticipating any demand as all these files have been available free of charge for years.

This website has been accessed over the 15 years in existence perhaps more than one million times by very many people apparently interested in this obscure subject. They accessed far more files and were free to download any of them. I had reason to be grateful to very many others who permitted me to publish their own articles – for the users own use only. I discouraged queries as most were of the nature “what will I get for grandma’s 400 year old tea pot.” Those who persisted soon stopped replying if they did not like the answer.
It has been a unique service hoping to encourage interest in the subject of Old British Pewter at a time when such interest hugely declined. When it was started nobody wrote a free website for the novice – the experts wrote for each other.

Perhaps 33% of queries came from the USA and 15% from the UK. Other queries in came from China, India, Germany, Russia, Luxemburg, France, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil those were all in double figures or more each week; in single figures there were queries from perhaps 40 other countries each week. Google weekly sent a Site Analytics Report. If a website visitor went to the website more than once in the day they were only counted – once.

Favourite articles were – marks – history – repairs. A mystery to me was the interest weekly over several years to closure and into double figures of an article about James Deakin Sons of Sheffield and their trade catalogue – if anyone knows why I would be pleased to hear from you.
Thank you for your interest. Best wishes

UK Pewter Society

If you want more detail on Old British Pewterers' Makers' Marks then some collectors still think and might tell you that the H H Cotterell book of 1929 - "Old Pewter: Its Makers and Marks" - will provide this. Indeed, it alone did so for many years. However, whereas that had information on 9000 British Pewterers, the UK Pewter Society data base now has some detail of 20,000 Pewterers, including some family trees, relationships, apprenticeships, sometimes examples of individuals work. It includes over 9000 examples of Pewterer's MARKS and wares.
This database alone offers real detail on many more Pewterers and thus the marks you see on your pewter left by the maker begin to have much more meaning.

See - www.pewtersociety.org

This website has no approval from or direct relationship with the UK Pewter Society, although various articles were written by Pewter Society members and the Acting Librarian has provided encouragement and material used.